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RAISING: $5,000,000


  • $2,000,000    Debt
    12 investors

  • $5,000,000    Owner/Self Held
    3 investors


When Club Fitness opened in 1999, there was a focus on three things: First, creating an exciting energy that affects one’s emotions and awareness. Second, helping people get the body of their dreams. Third, learning what every other “health club” was doing and then doing just the opposite. The first thing you will notice when entering is that Club Fitness looks nothing like a regular fitness gym. This is because we want you to forget the outside world while you are here. It is a landscape for the senses, carved out of imagination and built to get your heart racing before you ever step onto the treadmill.

When a magazine like Interior Design includes Club Fitness in their list of the world’s most innovative ideas, concepts, and designs of the year, it is no wonder so many details of ours are often copied. Yet what has never been duplicated is the experience, the rare alchemy that occurs when we fuse interior design with motivational concepts while keeping goal reaching fitness the foremost desire. When details from the lighting to the person who greets you to the music are orchestrated just right, we can recapture the excitement of our first gym venture. We are devoted to sharing that feeling with our members. When you step out of the 9 to 5 world and into ours, we want you energized. We want your excitement elevated. We want you to feel like your whole life just got better. We want you to be surrounded by a world that serves as a monument to how successful we have been at changing bodies. Tangible reminders that anything is possible, the only limit being one’s own imagination and energy.

You can lift weights and run on a treadmill anywhere but there is something extraordinary you will find when you enter through our doors. That is the Club Fitness team, because it is how we engage with our members that distinguishes us. It is how our members feel like part of a group of people working towards the same goal, to help each other achieve success. We believe that people should lift each other up.

Through the years, we have delivered to many people the bodies they asked for and this is due to our trainers, classes, equipment, and staff which add up to an environment in which members like to spend a lot of time working out in. Many of our members spend more time with us than with their own families and it is how we help them look and feel better that makes us who we are. It is how we take care of and motivate people that makes us more than a business but an institution.

The health and fitness industry is an $11.6 billion industry and one of the fastest growing businesses in existence today. Over the past 13 years, total club and fitness center memberships have steadily risen 90%. The 14.4% increase in 2014 represents the largest growth in health club memberships, reaching an all-time high of 62.8 million members. This growth positions the industry ahead of the pace necessary to reach the 100 million members, which IHRSA projects the industry to serve by 2020. Historically, the industry has proven time and again to be recession-proof.

Club Fitness is currently looking for investors/partners for turnaround opportunities, acquisitions, and expansion.


Club Fitness LLC's current opportunity is for our expansion development in Northern Califronia and Southern Nevada. One of the keys to our success is finding the right location, and then buying a parcel of land that will allow us to build a premier state-of-the-art facility, with ample parking. Not just in the fitness industry, our team of land developers and land management help us grow in value by purchasing the right location and saving us from not wasting resources on unneccessary leases. Our properties are worth in excess of $35,000,000 in total. We are presently seeking investors for a 36 month senior debt loan, in increments of $50,000 for a total amount of $5,000,000 at a 14% return.


Designed more like an exclusive golf club, Club Fitness sets the par high in the future of design in fitness clubs everywhere. No longer do members just work out in fitness clubs... They socialize... and at Club Fitness... They become a community. Welcome to the new era of fitness clubs!


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  • $10,000,000

  • $5,000,000

  • Senior Debt

  • 36 Months

  • 14%

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