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RAISING: $4,000,000


  • $3,000,000    Preferred Equity
    26 investors

  •    $500,000    Convertible Note
    1 investor


Since 2010, Modern Age Technology Co. has been working on the development of our latest endeavor... Known by its simple fashion purpose as a ring... we call this latest wearable technology high fashion product simply... the "Ring". MATCO has been engaged in all processes such as software, hardware, and product designs ever since the concept first came to our founder, Jimmy Bingham, in early 2010. The hardest part in Ring’s development process was the programming algorithm for gesture recognition — most of our time was spent devising how to develop the software needed to recognize gestures on the Ring device, while reducing power consumption and improving efficiency.


We have currently reached a stage where we have completed the programming of our gesture analyzation technology and hardware designs and are ready for mass production. We have also completed all of the product and electronic circuit designs, in addition to having selected the factory which will manufacture the device. We are planning to use the funds generated through preferred equity investors to begin mass production, advertising, general expenses, and to cover the costs of international licensing. We are looking to raise a total of $4,000,000 through preferred equity at a preferred return rate of 16% in increments of at least $5,000. This offer is open to all Accredited Investors.






The first challenge we encountered was the miniaturization and development, in order to market this product. We have been working on these things, which were considered impossible — within the realm of the common belief in the hardware industry — to prove that they can certainly be possible.

Because Ring is a very small and delicate product, issues with excessive power consumption caused by small errors in designs and delayed assembly emerged. Since hardware development can be confronted with these issues, during mass production, we had to carefully design its electronic circuits and select components based on the thorough consideration of the mass production processes.

Our biggest challenge, however, was by far, this campaign. We want to deliver this product to everyone — making something that never existed before, and deliver it properly. We have been working on this preparation to the best of our ability, to take this new leap forward, and what we need now is the encouragement and support by means of investors.

As you are all aware, wearable devices are attracting worldwide attention; however, there are not yet products that can drastically change our lives, in the way that Ring does, which are currently available on the market. This is an unknown domain, where the market for wearable devices has not yet been established, and that is why we firmly believe that we can provide an unprecedented and fulfilling experience, like no other, through the Ring project. Let’s drive this new market, together!


Understated elegance, breathtaking fashion, and a wide array of high-tech options create the ultimate experience of connectivity that is now available but futuristic in concept and design.


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  • Preferred Equity

  • $4,000,000

  • $5,000

  • 16%

  • Accredited Investors

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